2015 Highland Heights Zoning Ordinance and Map Review, January 2015

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2015 Update Process for Zoning Ordinance

Zoning Ordinance

2015 Highland Heights Zoning Ordinance and Map Review, January 2015

The Highland Heights City Council, in August of 2013 requested that the Planning and Zoning Commission conduct a formal review of the city’s zoning regulations, in compliance with the Kentucky Revised Statutes (KRS). The City had just adopted the 2012 Highland Heights Comprehensive Plan, setting the stage for the formal review of the current zoning regulations. The Planning and Zoning Commission conducted a public workshop in November of 2013, and then set about gathering public comments and reviewing the text and map of the regulations. In January of 2015, the Planning and Zoning Commission staff has prepared some preliminary draft changes that are posted here for citizens, residents, land owners, business owners, and officials to have a preliminary view of the work-in- progress. The Planning and Zoning Commission encourages all interested parties to review, ask questions, and provide comment. The City Planner, Dave Geohegan will be available at the Highland Heights city building to discuss the proposed revisions at the following times:

  • Thursday, January 22nd 12pm-1pm;
  • Friday January 23rd 4pm-5pm;
  • Monday January 26th 12pm-1pm, and 6pm-7pm;
  • January 27th 6pm-7pm

These are times designed to encourage people to come out and get involved, however, if another date and time is desired, people can contact Dave and arrange a meeting. He can be reached at 859-441- 8575 or DaveGeohegan@hhky.com . The Planning and Zoning Commission will subsequently review all comments received on the regulations and map, make any needed changes, produce a formal draft, and continue the public review including a formal public hearing before adoption of the official Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map. This is anticipated to occur in late winter of 2015.

The Articles of the zoning ordinance that are included here are those that are currently, as of January 16, 2015, being considered for potential revisions

Article 7 Definitions
Article 9 General Performance Standards
Article 10 Zoning Districts
Article 11 Fences, Walls and Obstruction to View Regulations
Article 12 Off-Street Parking and Landscaping Regulations
Article 14 Sign Regulations
Article 15 Administration and Development Submittal Requirements
Article 16 Amendment Procedure

Within the text for these Articles displayed here, the proposed new text is highlighted in gray, and the proposed deleted text is shown in strikeout, text.

There are three area maps prepared and displayed here that show the proposed revisions to date to the official zoning map, both zoning classification labels and boundaries shown in red.
Any questions or comments should be communicated to the City Planner, Dave Geohegan at 859-441- 8575 or DaveGeohegan@hhky.com.