Bike Patrol Returns to Highland Heights Police

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We are pleased that Officer Nick Love has renewed bike patrol for the Police Department.

Bike patrol provides uniformed presence, increased visibility and contact with the public throughout the community. You might think bicycle patrols mainly handle public relations and although emergency calls are obviously better handled by vehicles, bicycles provide a significant advantage in other areas.  They better patrol areas not easily accessible to customary patrol.  Mobility of a bicycle enhances patrol at areas such as apartment complexes and parks.

Individuals who break the law are not looking for bicycle officers.  They are concerned for marked and unmarked squad cars.  Bicycles provide a stealth approach.  An officer on a bike can ride up on a suspect without the suspect’s knowledge and while criminal activity is occurring.  It makes it harder for suspects to get rid of evidence and the element of surprise makes it harder for a suspect to create a story regarding what was going on.  Also, with bicycles moving slower, an officer can observe more.  Officer Love will be a valuable tool to fight potential drug activity, deter car burglaries and provide traffic enforcement in target locations.

At the very least, bicycle patrol increases citizen contact, which leads to more productivity and addresses the needs of the community.  It saves on gas and keeps officers healthy.  It will further protect property and prevent crime throughout the city.

Officer Love will attend training in the Fall.  The course consists of both classroom and field training.  This develops awareness of the importance of such things as physical well-being, fitness and injury prevention.  It also includes operating procedures, crime prevention tips and tactical maneuvers.

We are lucky to have the opportunity to provide this type of patrol for the city.  Please be mindful of Officer Love’s presence throughout the community as the department continues to "protect and serve" our residents.