Burglary Prevention Tips

Safety Tips
Have you ever been locked out of your home? Where you able to still gain access?
If you could break into your own home, it could be just as easy for thieves to break in as well.
Follow these safety tips to protect your home against burglary, forced entry or home invasion.

  • Lock all windows including interior garage doors, storm doors, and sliding doors
  • Keep fences closed and locked. Lock all entry gates with a padlock
  • Keep spare keys away from exterior windows, doors, and lockboxes
  • Keep bushes and tree branches trimmed and away from windows
  • Get to know your neighbors! Neighbors that watch out for each other produce neighborhoods criminals tend to leave alone
  • Remove objects in your yard that could be used to make forced entry (tools, ladders, bricks, large rocks, etc.)
  • Install an alarm system. Use audible or monitored alarm systems. Place the company’s sign in your front and back yard.
  • Turn on exterior lights including driveways, front and back porch, basement, etc.
  • Install deadbolts to all entry doors. Use longer screws when installing the strike plate to the door

Leaving on vacation?
Call the police department before you leave for vacation. Officers will perform routine vacation checks on your home to provide peace of mind while you are away.
Do not post any pictures or information about your vacation on any social media sites until you return.

“4 out 5 burglars use social media to select their targets. Announcing your absence lets the burglars know that you will not be home.”

Other crimes committed by burglars
Burglars prefer to strike when no one is home. However, intruders can commit other crimes such as rape, robbery, and assault if they are surprised by the homeowner.

Suspicious activity
If anything looks questionable, such as a split screen or a cracked window, DO NOT GO IN!
Call 9-1-1 right away from a neighbor’s house or your cell phone to report the suspicious activity.

Know what you own
While following these safety tips can reduce your chances of being victimized by burglars, it could still happen to you. You can minimize the inconvenience by knowing what you own.
Take simple inventory of important and expensive items within your home. You can also mark the valuables using a symbol only you (the owner) would recognize.

Get involved!
If you see any suspicious activity taking place, or have any information pertaining to a crime, don’t hesitate to call the police!
Your information is valuable and could help victims gain closure and police gain justice.