Property tax rate

$1.66 per $1,000.00 for general fund assessed valuation on all property, real or personal, assessed by the Property Valuation Administrator. … [Read more...]

If you are new to the city what determines what elementary school your child goes to?

I would suggest going on line or I would call the Campbell County Board of Education.  City of Highland Heights does not have an Elementary School or High School in its City. … [Read more...]

Is there a law in HH that a certain number of people of the same gender cannot live under the same roof, or it is considered a brothel? And if so, who should be contacted in order to discuss action about changing such laws?

My name is Dave Whitacre, I am the City Engineer/Zoning Administrator for Highland Heights. The City of Highland Heights cannot regulate the number of family members living in a house – however we do restrict the number of people that are not related by blood or marriage, and you are not … [Read more...]


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