Campus Safety Tips

While colleges and universities are among the safest communities, no campus is immune from crime. Most campus crime occur when criminals are given the opportunity to commit them. By taking away the opportunity, you can help prevent being victimized.

An important part of preventing campus crime is staying alert, using common sense, and reporting suspicious activity.

Following are some helpful tips on reducing your chances of becoming a victim to crimes on campus.

Become familiar with the layout of your campus; locate the emergency system areas and add the NKU Police Department and Campbell County Dispatch Center's contact information in your phone (information below); never walk alone at night; be aware of your surroundings at all times; limit the use of distracting devices; always stick to well-lit high traffic areas.

Make locking your dorm door and windows a habit - including when you are home; ask local police to conduct a safety check of your dorm and hallways; never leave doors propped open; never place identification tags on your keys; door chains are unsafe - use deadbolts.

Remove the opportunity for crime by never leaving your property unattended in public; always keep your car locked with your windows completely shut; do not leave your valuables in plain view; engrave your valuables with serial numbers - keep record of all valuables with identifiers.

If you see any suspicious activity taking place, or have any information pertaining to a crime, don’ t hesitate to call the police! Your information is valuable and could help victims gain closure and police gain justice.

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