National Bullying Prevention Month October 2018

In recent years, schools throughout the country have experienced a frightening increase in bullying and acts of hate. The largest fraction of hate related incidents occur between the years of K-12. When hating others is becoming the new norm, our greatest challenge is to stop bullying and create a … [Read more...]

PROTECT. DETECT. CORRECT against Identity Theft.

WHAT IS IDENTITY THEFT? Typical identity theft involves a thief stealing your personal information to pose as you in some way. SYNTHETIC IDENTITY THEFT A newer and growing variety - synthetic identity is born when your personal information is combined with fake data to create a brand new, fake … [Read more...]

Life Saver Awarded to Sgt. Love

Last nights council meeting was a success! Sgt. Nick Love was awarded the Life Saver Award presented by Chief Birkenhauer and Mayor Meyers (nominated by Lt. Greg Haigis) for his life saving efforts during a recent traffic accident. "On Friday June 15, 2018, Sgt. Nicholas Love’s quick response and … [Read more...]