Drug Activity

Our department is always on patrol for drug activity in the city.  We have been vigilant in eradicating dealers to keep our city safe.  You, as residents, can be a big help in identifying trouble areas.  You know your neighborhoods better than anyone.  If you notice anything suspicious or an unusual amount of traffic in your area, please call when you see it happening, so that an officer can respond and witness possible problems.  Details are always helpful, such as license plate numbers, house numbers and a description of potential suspects involved.  The 24 hour police dispatch number is 292-3622.

The Drug Task Force also has a message center to report possible drug activity.  That number is 442-6911.  You can always remain anonymous with no worry of potential retaliation.  If an officer does not answer, please leave your message with information they can follow up on.

Highland Heights has a very minimal amount of drug traffic.  We are lucky to have experienced detectives and officers working here.  Citizens and police personnel working together can only improve statistics.