Easter Egg Hunt Event Photos 2018

The photos from the Easter Egg Hunt 2018 are now available online. You can click on a photo and at the top of the photo you are able to share and download the ones you would like to keep. Photos downloaded from the gallery are reduced in size. If you would like to receive the full size image, see below for a limited time offer.

Gallery Quick Link

If you would like to have the full size photo, please send your name and email address along with the image numbers to support@kreyling.com.

To get the image number, click on the photo and at the bottom, it will display (x of 205), I will need the x number(s) to pull the full size image(s). Images will take a couple of days to send as its a manual process. Images will be delivered via a dropbox link that you can download via a web browser. You will not need a dropbox account to download.

Full photo requests must be sent by 4-20-2018, there is no charge for the photos and they are not watermarked. This is a service of Kreyling Web Design.