Life Saver Awarded to Sgt. Love

Last nights council meeting was a success! Sgt. Nick Love was awarded the Life Saver Award presented by Chief Birkenhauer and Mayor Meyers (nominated by Lt. Greg Haigis) for his life saving efforts during a recent traffic accident.

"On Friday June 15, 2018, Sgt. Nicholas Love’s quick response and action on scene saved the life of a man involved in a collision.  The events are as follows; the Cold Spring Police was dispatched to US 27 at Meijer for a collision involving a motorcycle and there were injuries. Sgt. Love responded with Cold Spring and they all arrived on the scene at the same time. At their arrival he quickly assessed the scene and observed a male victim bleeding profusely from his leg. The injuries were such that much of the leg below the knee was gone.  The ambulance had not yet arrived on scene.  Realizing the man could die from blood loss and in line with his training, Sgt. Love got a tourniquet and applied it to the man’s leg, stopping the flow of blood. The squad arrived on scene 3              minutes later.

Sgt. Love’s actions stopped the blood loss from the life threatening injury and provide the time necessary to get the man to the hospital and medical treatment necessary to save his life.  According to medical professionals, 3 minutes of blood loss from your femoral artery is more than enough time to result in death from blood loss.  Sgt. Love’s actions that night reflect favorably on him, his training and our agency and therefore worth of our recognition. While I am confident Sgt. Love would prefer to not be recognized, as he was “Just doing his job.” The opportunity to celebrate the very best of what we do in law enforcement should not be over looked." -Lt. Greg Haigis

Commonwealth Attorney Michelle Snodgrass was also in attendance to thank the Highland Heights Police team who assisted in the Hubers trial.

"Bravery is not the absence of fear but action in the face of fear"

We appreciate all of the men and women who dedicate their lives everyday to keeping this community safe!