Safety Tips for Walkers and Runners

Who is considered a pedestrian?
This includes people who are walking, running, jogging, hiking, or standing.

Is walking safe?
Although walking is important for health growth and overall well-being, walking can be dangerous. When people walk down the road, people think they are doing something completely harmless; however, if you are not always aware of your surroundings it can become harmful to your safety

Risk factors for pedestrian accidents:
Almost half of all accidents that resulted in pedestrian deaths are related to alcohol or other substances on the part of wither the driver or the pedestrian.
Other factors that increase the risk of pedestrian injury or death include high vehicle speeds, poor visibility, and distraction on the part of the driver or pedestrian.

Pedestrians admit to dangerous crossing behavior despite knowing the risk:
51% of pedestrians admit to talking on the phone while crossing the street
26% of pedestrians text or email while crossing the street
34% of pedestrians listen to music while crossing the street

Drivers admit to behavior endangering pedestrians despite knowing the risk:
70% of drivers admit to talking on a cell phone while driving
38% of drivers admit to reading or texting while driving
64% of drivers admit to listening to music at high volumes while driving


1. RUN FACING TRAFFIC. Drivers will have more time to see you and give you space.
2. OBEY TRAFFIC SIGNAGE. pause at intersections, stop for traffic lights and stay alert - in case a driver doesn't.
3. FOLLOW OFF-ROAD RULES. Follow posted rules at tracks, paths, and rail-trails.
4. CHOOSE LOW-VOLUME STREETS. Cars coming out of parking lots and crowded streets increases your chance of a collision.
5. BE POLITE. Yield to fast-moving or aggressive cars; acknowledge the nice drivers who wave you to pass.
6. BE SAFE. wear lights or reflective gear at night or in low light. Carry proper ID and tell someone where you are planning to go.
7. HEADS UP. Keep your chin up and eyes pointed down. It conveys to drivers that you're paying attention.
8. REPLACE SHOES REGULARLY. Running shoes become worn out after you've put 300-500 miles on them.