Volleyball Tournament and Gallery 2016

City of Highland Heights

Volleyball Tournament 2016

Photos of the event are now available online. 900+ photos were taken during the event, please allow a little time for all to load.

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First Place Team

Los Hippos Hermanos
David Brooks, Patrick Strickley, Laura McIntosh, Mindy Merritt, Jacob Grosser, Lauren Grosser, Nathan Grosser, Stuart Watton, Dan Giles, Alexa Hiebiczki, Cat Kessen.


Second Place

Dee's Sandy Nuts
Richard Woodyard, Michelle Woodyard, Chaz Woodyard, Richard Woodyard, Dan Hogwash, Tara Carter


Third Place

That's What She Set
Sarah Brooks, Laura Brooks, Tyler Lucas, Cindy Young, Mike Young, Maria Pabst, Chris McCulley, Jacob Fogleman,Johnny Pabst, Christopher McCulley

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