Dave Whitacre, City Engineer/Zoning Administrator

Zoning Administrator – The Zoning Administrator is the appointed official responsible for interpreting and enforcing the City Ordinances. This can include the Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Regulations, Property Maintenance Code, and any other individual ordinances adopted by the City. The Zoning Administrator can issue citations or initiate enforcement action when a property owner does not comply with city ordinances. The Zoning Administrator also serves as the administrative staff to the Planning Commission.

City Engineer – The Engineer is the appointed official responsible for recommendations to the Mayor, City Council and Public Works Department relating to the maintenance and repair of the City Infrastructure. The Engineer does not have a “budget” – and all financing for projects is authorized by the Mayor, City Council or Public Works Department. The Engineer makes recommendations for projects, prepares cost estimates, prepares bid specifications, reviews submitted bids, inspects work in progress and approves by requests submitted by contractors. The City Engineer is also the Flood Plain Coordinator and reviews projects that are proposed in the Flood Zones.


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