November 1-December 31, 2021, the Campbell County Public Libraries will be collecting underwear and socks for public school students. People and organizations are asked to donate packages of new underwear and socks for boys or girls. The goal is to collect 7,000 pairs of underwear and sock to distributed to elementary, middle, and high school students in the Campbell County public schools. All sizes accepted.

Cold Spring Branch: 3920 Alexandria Pike, Cold Spring, KY 41076
Carrico/Fort Thomas Branch: 1000 Highland Avenue, Fort Thomas, KY 41075
Newport Branch: 901 E. Sixth Street, Newport, KY 41071
Alexandria Branch: 8333 Alexandria Pike, Alexandria, KY 41001

Educate public about a real need in our schools. Being able to provide new underwear and socks will help keep children in the classroom.
Goal of Family Resource Centers is to minimize factors outside the classroom that keep kids from learning.
Need is great. One hundred or more pairs of underwear and socks are given out every month at schools to children in need.
Children need underwear and socks at school for a variety of reasons, including accidents, illness, items not available at home, inability of family to wash clothes regularly, homelessness, children who dress themselves inappropriately, family issues, etc.

Mackenzie Manley
Office: 859-781-6166 x 171

Andrew Moorhead
Office: 859-781-6166 x 170
Cell: 859-391-1338

A video clip from our website, available at, shows interviews with:
Tracy Gentrup-Ruebusch - Family Resource Center Coordinator at Lincoln Elementary School
Georgia Harris – Youth Services Coordinator at Dayton High School
Lynlee Crowder - Family Resource Center Coordinator at Grant’s Lick Elementary and Reiley Elementary
A person receives an “I Dropped My Drawers at the Library” sticker when donating and will be recognized at the library.
This is the sixth year of the Drop Your Drawers campaign. The 2019 campaign raised 10,612 pairs of underwear and socks. The campaign was paused in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.