Highland Heights Nature Trail Guide

Guide and Map of Recreation and Public Access Areas

The City of Highland Heights welcomes residents and visitors to enjoy the City’s expanded Nature Trail. This 4-mile walking trail connects the community and provides a safe, educational, and fun experience.

The trail was created in the early 1970s when 4 acres near Pooles Creek Road #1 were used as an outdoor classroom for Northern Kentucky University’s Biology and Botany departments. In the 1980s, the City bought these 4 acres, and an additional 26 acres were given to the City by the Campbell County Fiscal Court with the understanding that a nature preserve would be established for all citizens.

In 2003, the City recommitted itself to maintaining the Nature Trail and extending it beyond the nature preserve. Today, one can walk from the City Building, to Campbell County Extension’s Lakeside Commons, to the Nature Preserve, and points between to enjoy many of the recreational and educational opportunities the City of Highland Heights has to offer.

Nature Trail Brochure
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