Beautiful Yard Award

Five months during the spring and summer, Tree Commission members go around the City looking at residents’ front yards. One or two yards are selected to be awarded the Beautiful Front Yard. Residents are given a sign to post in their yard, and presented a certificate and $25 gift card at that month’s council meeting.


Diane Brossart-Chair
Jean Rauf-Co-Chair
Christie Fillhardt-Secretary
Tom Mann
Tom Schulte
Lois Johnston

Judy & Brad Derrick, Hope Lane
June 2021

Breeden Family, Robinson Road
October 2020

       Maria Guthier, Steelman Avenue
October 2020

Hazel Lach, Alexandria Pike
September 2020

       Vickie and Thomas Steffen, Arbor Drive September 2020

Gil Fessler, Knollwood Drive - August 2020

       Lisa Daniels and Brian Chapman, Elblaine Drive August 2020

Sue Oldham, Veterans - July 2020

               Bridgett Saylor, Renshaw - July 2020

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