Beautiful Yard Award

Six months during the spring, summer, and fall, Council members Deb Ball and Gary Chinn go around the City looking at residents' front yards.  One yard is selected to be awarded the Beautiful Front Yard.  The selected resident is given a sign to post in their yard for the month, and presented a plaque and $25 gift card at that month’s council meeting.


Jamie and Erick Kordish, Alexandria Pike
August 2023

Doug and Tiffany Davies, Arbor Drive
July 2023

Donald and Linda Fryman, Alexandria Pike
October 2022

Tom and Janine Sharp, Knollwood Drive
September 2022

Award Recognition
Tom and Janine Sharp

Tim Berling and Lisa Houck, Winkler Drive
August 2022

Award Recognition
Tim Berling with Mayor Meyers, Lisa Houck could not attend

Nicholas and Chelsea Brown, Arbor Drive
July 2022

Patty Noll, Hope Lane
June 2022

Linda Mason, Johns Hill Road
August 2021

      Award Recognition
Linda Mason with Mayor Meyers

Sandy and Mark King, Ridge Hill
July 2021

      Award Recognition
Sandy King with Mayor Meyers

Judy and Brad Derrick, Hope Lane
June 2021

      Award Recognition
The Derricks with Mayor Meyers

Hazel Lach, Alexandria Pike
September 2020

       Vickie and Thomas Steffen, Arbor Drive
September 2020

Gil Fessler, Knollwood Drive
August 2020

       Lisa Daniels and Brian Chapman, Elblaine Ave.
August 2020

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