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Publication of Ordinances

A change by the Kentucky Legislature in 2020 allows publication of Ordinances on the City website rather than running a lengthy and expensive advertisement in the newspaper. Beginning with Ordinances requiring publication in July 2020, ordinances published on this website shall remain posted for ninety days; those relating to the City budget or finances shall remain posted for one year. (See KRS 424.110-424.370). A brief ad, with URL reference, is published in the newspaper. Individuals who have difficulty accessing the contents of posted advertisements may contact the City for information regarding access. Individuals may call the office of the City Clerk at 859.441.8575, or write or visit the office of the City Clerk at the City Building - 176 Johns Hill Road, Highland Heights, KY  41076.

2023 Ordinances
2022 Ordinances
2021 Ordinances
2020 Ordinances
2019 Ordinances
Highland Heights 2019 Audit420.60 KB1071 DownloadPreview
ORD-1-2019Time and Place of Regular Council Meetings.168.29 KB1881 DownloadPreview
ORD-2-2019Establishing a Tree Commission.248.72 KB2249 DownloadPreview
ORD-3-2019Fees, charges, and expenses for zoning permits, appeals, applications, etc.339.53 KB1632 DownloadPreview
ORD-4-2019Reducing city boundaries by striking 1.98 acres of non-residential property.210.04 KB1545 DownloadPreview
ORD-5-2019Establishing a non-exclusive franchise.641.06 KB1648 DownloadPreview
ORD-6-2019Accepting bid of MCI Metro for a non-exclusive franchise.220.04 KB1579 DownloadPreview
ORD-07-2019Noise Ordinance463.73 KB1626 DownloadPreview
ORD-8-2019Budget for fiscal year 2019-2020.225.36 KB1533 DownloadPreview
ORD-9-2019Amended budget fiscal year 2018-2019.252.16 KB1577 DownloadPreview
ORD-10-2019Supplement to the Code of Ordinances.241.38 KB1557 DownloadPreview
ORD-11-2019Tax Rate Ordinance293.47 KB1635 DownloadPreview
ORD-12-2019Adopting the International Property Maintenance Code329.07 KB1516 DownloadPreview
ORD-13-2019Code Enforcement Board hears parking and impoundment appeals151.01 KB1503 DownloadPreview
ORD-14-2019Revisions to code enforcement and establishment of lienholder notification system574.02 KB1593 DownloadPreview
ORD-15-2019Payroll Tax Update270.30 KB1547 DownloadPreview
ORD-16-2019Non-Discrimination/Fairness Ordinance534.56 KB1562 DownloadPreview

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PHONE: (859) 441-8575
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