R. Alex Bramel

R. Alex Bramel

Council Member

Hello, Highland Heights! My name is Alex Bramel and I’d like to first say ‘thank you’ for electing me as one of your new City Councilmembers. It is certainly a privilege to serve you, the residents, in this capacity.

A little bit about me: I grew up in Newport, KY and moved to Highland Heights in 2018. I have a degree in accounting and have worked for the Diocese of Covington as a business/finance manager for the past 9 years. Also, during this time, I served 6 years as the City Clerk/Treasurer for Woodlawn, KY. I know that my experience in the accounting field and my tenure as a City Clerk/Treasurer have prepared me for this new opportunity.

Many times, in the past month or so, I have been asked “what is your agenda?” My answer is simple: my agenda is the agenda of the people that I serve, the residents of Highland Heights. I did not choose to run for office so it could be a time of self service. I chose to run so that the residents have responsive representation to their concerns and needs within the city. As I was walking the city before the election, I had many great opportunities to talk with you, to hear your concerns, and your goals for the city. Goals that ranked at the top of your list were: effective communication from the city, pedestrian safety including sidewalk repairs and improvements (especially on the North side of town), updated street signs, re-painting of curbs, city park improvements, etc. With time and a bit of hard work, these are achievable and effective goals.

Please know that when I say I want to hear from you, I mean it! My email is r.alexbramel@gmail.com and my direct line is 859-750-1003. I will always give you a straightforward and honest answer; it may not be exactly what you want to hear, but it will be respectful and honest. I look forward to hearing your concerns and ideas for our city and serving as a Councilmember of such a wonderful community!